Kabali story leaked: World is going crazy about introduction scene

The most anticipated movie of this year, Kabali introduction leak scene was making the whole world go crazy. The makers of movie were shocked by hearing this leak news. A small clip featuring Rajinikanth is already doing rounds on social media.

kabali story leakedThe introduction scene has been leaked two days before its official release. This leak news really prove to be costly for the makers of the film. Reports say that this scene was leaked from special screening of Kabali in the United States.

Earlier, few days back, the film producer Kalaipuli S Dhanu put a case at the Madras High Court in order to battle against the piracy issues. The high court had then restrained the license of 250 Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in India, permitting illegal downloads of Kabali.

Several people expressed their intention through micro blogging site that after watching the intro scene of Kabali, they felt more tempted to watch the movie in the theatre. Some other sources also suggests that this intro scene was just a gimmick to attract new audience.

Kabali fans also expressed their sadness via microblogging site saying: “Some fans r upset on #Kabali Leaked intro scene. Be positive. One of my friend booked a ticket for #Kabali after seeing the leaked one”.

They tweeted:


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