Are Amala paul and Vijay going to break their relation?

One of the cutest couples in South film industry Actress Amala paul and Director AL Vijay are planning to take divorce due to conflicts in their personal life and differences in lifestyle.

Amala paul

K L VIjay & Amala Paul

Noted Tamil actress Amalapaul is very familiar among Telugu audiences with her hit films like Premakaidhi, Nayak and Iddarammayilatho. And Director AL Vijay also made impact on Telugu audience by his critically acclaimed film “Nanna”.

Amalapaul and AL Vijay first met during the shoot of ‘Deiva Thirumagal’ wherein Amala played a major role and within a short period they fell in love and dated for three years, though the couple deny it.

Two years ago, on June 12th they married in a traditional Chettiyar style. It is to be noted that Amala paul belongs to a Kerala Christian family and her husband AL Vijay is a Hindu.

The Gorgeous couple’s engagement and marriage ceremony held by following Christian and Hindu traditions respectively.

Unfortunately, after two years the news about the couple’s split came as a shocker in the entire film industry, particularly to Amala and AL Vijay Fans.

Everyone, in and out of the industry, wants to know the reason behind the issue and spread their own gossips as reasons.

According to Skylark pictures a rumor is that Amala paul’s relation with a famous Kollywood star is the reason for disputes between these young couple.

But those who spread this rumor hasn’t yet revealed the name of the Kollywood star. The rumor is circulating in Kollywood and everyone is waiting for Amala and AL Vijay’s reaction on the issue.

According to an Indian Express report, the couple is expected to make an official announcement soon on their divorce.

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