Bollywood goes crazy for ‘Bichagadu’

Yes, you read it right! A movie called ‘Pichaikkaran’, a Tamil term for beggar, made its producers millionaires with huge profits in both Kollywood and Tollywood.


Bichagadu movie rights were brought by fox studios.

Now the movie grasps Bollywood’s eye. One of the top most production houses, Fox Star Studios bought the remake rights of  Pichaikkaran for Hindi version for a whopping price.

Bollywood trade analysts said that the movie deserves the price for its massive response and collections from Tamil and Telugu audience.

Many leading production houses are in race to grab the remake rights of the movie to do in various languages.

Vijay Antony, who produced, composed and played a lead role in the movie, is now become a big name in film circles. Though he delivered some hits like Nakili, Dr. Saleem and more in Telugu and Tamil, none of those brought this much fame to him.

The movie is all about a millionaire who decides to live as a beggar on a religious belief for certain days to cure her mother’s health. Emotions in the movie fill our eyes with tears and comedy tickles our funny bones.

Vijay Antony sold Telugu rights for 50 lakhs, and in Tollywood it released as ‘Bichagadu: The Billionaire’ and it hit the top of list of most profitable dubbed film ever.

On the other side, the question is all about how a southern flavor manages with B-town audience taste? Earlier, many south Indian hit films remade into Hindi but the success percentage is drastically low. It might be due to differences in sensibilities and tastes of audiences.

Critics are claiming that remaking of Pichaikkaran into Bollywood is not less than a murder of a classic southern film.


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