A layman treats movie release as festival?

Few more hours are left for movie lovers to begin their festival. The latest festival is “Janatha Garage”. It’s a movie featuring Telugu star Jr. NTR.

Janatha Garage

In a country like India, which is producing maximum number of movies than all other countries, releasing date of a movie that features superstar is treated as a festival.

Movies play an important role in life of common people because it offers them enjoyable break from their monotonous life for couple of hours. It’s the best way for entertainment at a reasonable cost.

Being common is very uncommon because everyone likes to be at the center of attraction. More people suffer in the process of making there personality into a larger than life character. It might not because of high expectations but because of their own inner weaknesses.

Normal people believe more in magic than logic. So they only look for instant solutions to their years aged problem, instant output from their improper input.

They never waste the time in their routine lifestyle because one cannot do the same work twice in the same time.

So movies can easily grab the attention of many people for its execution of protagonists in a supernatural way and overnight victories.

Short period of high in bodily hormones is more than enough for a movie goer.

Finally, movie greatness depends on the intellectual ability of its viewer. That’s the reason behind many great movies to become flop and underrated movies to get blockbuster hits.


I am passionate about movies. Started watching films at early stage in my life. From Adaz Apna Apna to Matrix Trilogy, I love any movie that creates curiosity. Believe me, my life itself became more curious after marriage.

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