Actress Renu Desai clears Twitter user’s college fee

Former wife of Pawan Kalyan, Renu Desai helped a Twitter user ‘Lakshmi Degala’ by paying college fee of Rs 4000, thus fulfilling a request from Lakshmi.

‘Lakshmi Degala’ tweeted to Renu Desai and Rana Daggubati requesting them to pay her college fee. She said he had no father, and her exams were approaching.

Renu desai

Immediately, Renu Desai responded to her on Twitter asking for her college details and phone number. After two days, Pawan Kalyan’s assistant went to Lakshmi Degala’s college and cleared all the due amount.

“Mam plz help me I have no father I’m studying degree final year I want to pay clg fee 4000 plz help me mam (sic),” Lakshmi Degala tweeted to Renu Desai and Rana Daggubati as well.

Rana hasn’t respond to her. But Renu Desai retwitted to her message “@Lakshmidegala Give your contact number. And details of the place you study. I will ask my manager to verify & pay (sic)”.

Within two days, Lakshmi posted on social media saying that Pavan sir’s assistant came to her college and cleared the fee amount.

Lakshmi felt happy and expressed her views to Renu Desai on Twitter, “mam thak uu soo much for ur help god bless ur family mam and say thanks to pawan sir for his help thank u sooo much madam (sic).”

Renu saw her message and rounded it all up by tweeting to her, “Study well and make your parents proud. That will make me happy! Best of luck for your future 🙂 (sic).”

Lakshmi, who asked to do a favor emotionally says that her final examination is on May 21, if Renu Desai doesn’t do any help in her case, she would not be able to attend that exam.

Of course, she was not sure that some would help her and resolve her situation. But it was happened with the help of actress Renu Desai.

“It was just my plea for help and if there was no response I wouldn’t be able to write the exam. I wasn’t even sure someone would help. I am so thankful”, Lakshmi told TOI.


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